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Makeup Notes.

Sometimes you need advice. Sometimes you need a little bit of guidance. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and a little push is all it takes to get you out.

After studying makeup, I ventured into the freelance world in Melbourne but after a short time I  realised that I needed advice, I needed guidance and I needed a little push! I decided that MAC Cosmetics was the best place for me as I knew that this particular company at the time had the best of the best working for them. And I was 100% correct! It was a wealth of knowledge where wonderful, experienced artists mentored and guided me, not only with my makeup skills but in business and how to market myself. Imagine having someone amazing on hand every single day to give you advice and to answer any questions you have ALL THE TIME; That's what I was so lucky to have.

Through working for a company like MAC, I also got to experience different aspects of the makeup industry like Fashion Week in Sydney, international travel to host workshops, working with celebrities, photoshoots, music videos, etc etc. While I was managing the MAC Pro store, l developed skills in running a business, marketing, budgeting, ordering, liasing with clients constantly, and how to work successfully in sometimes stressful conditions. I was able to pour all of this knowledge into my own business, which I ran successfully after leaving makeup retail. 

Although I had a steady stream of regular clientele in Melbourne, I did the most challenging thing of all, for any business, and I packed up with my hubby and moved to an entirely new state, where I had no clients, no reputation and no friends really! I had to start right back at square one with only my skills and knowledge as a makeup artist to get me somewhere! At first it was really hard trying to get my work seen but after some perseverance, actually a LOT of perseverance and never giving up,  it took off. I learnt what worked and what didn't work and it was probably one of my most humbling and biggest lessons I ever had in ways to do things.

Which brings me to now. After 13 or so years in the industry, I feel like I have so much to share. My brain is like a makeup addict's vanity - completely full and overflowing with all that I have learnt over the years.

I know for some people that training to be a makeup artist and then going straight into a retail world isn't possible.  I know that there are so many out there who have studied to be a makeup artist and have tried to go straight into freelancing, but are struggling with their business. 

In a world where social media is on hand for most things, the one thing it doesn't have is a one on one personal, hands on approach to help personally guide you through your makeup business.


So, welcome to MAKEUP NOTES.

Im so excited about this!

Here ties in my passion of makeup, the creativity, the beauty, to mentoring, training and guiding.


Allow me to walk you through, step by step, the ins and outs of your makeup business. I offer a full day of one on one personalised advice at your place of work/home studio to help you be the best that you can be! 

-How to set up and style your studio, correct lighting and layout; This is to get the best out of your space and to be able to do it within your budget. And lighting!! You need to have good lighting!! Allow me to show you how. 

-Marketing, branding and styling; How NOT to have the same logo as the makeup artist down the road from you! How to stay on trend and attract more clientele.

-My kit and tool guide; what you need and what you don't need. With social media telling you that you need a million different primers in your kit and every single UD Naked Pallet, Im here to tell you that you actually don't. Your kit speaks volumes about you as an artist. You can have the best, but you can also budget in other areas.

-How to photograph your work; Ive seen waaaaayy too many terrible photos of incredible work. Learn to show your amazing work the best way you can.

-Utilising social media; How to attract more followers and use social media as an advertising tool to gain more business. Also how to use social media to be inspired by other incredible artists out there!

-Ordering product; How to order, when to order, what to order and who to order from.

-Managing your business and  liaising with clientele; This is so important as this is your main way to advertise your business. 

-Assessment of makeup technique; Let me see what you can do and let me show you how you may need to improve. This was something I had on tap whilst working at MAC, and it was invaluable.

-Guide to pricing accordingly; FACT - you will not charge the same as an artist who has been in the industry longer and who has better technique than you but under cutting is a no no. Let me assess your technique and look at your folio and lets work out the correct pricing for you.

-Makeup business ethics; Yep, this is a thing! There needs to be a code of conduct within the makeup industry. For example - don't copy your competition, be inspired, but blatantly copying is unoriginal and offensive. Don't steal clients by undercutting! etc etc......

and so much more.


This is completely hands on and 100% honest, so for those who genuinely want to learn, this requires a no diva approach. 

This service is for those working from home, working from a salon or spa, and in a retail environment. 


My makeup brain is now open for perusal, so please forward any enquiries about MAKEUP NOTES* to my contact form and all prices can be found on my services page. 

 I can't wait to share all that I have learnt with those who want to know!


Much love,